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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Digital Cashless Economy

Digital Cashless Economy
Digital Cashless Economy

Digital Cashless Economy

 Hello  friends my name is Satish Mehrolia.

Greeting  to all,  for our blog.

Today we will talk about a short essay. which is on the topic of cashless economy. This is a very important topic for SSC MTS Tier 2 and SSC exam.  One thing I want to say  that if you have not subscribed my blog,  please subscribe it because we will update blog new topic continuously on this Blog.  Those will be very beneficial for you all,

So friends let's start. We will start from the introduction.

Digital Cashless Economy India introduction -The extreme digitalization over the past few years has almost affected every sphere of our lives. The demonetization has been a big move towards a cashless economy in India. Cashless India is a great mission launched by the government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to reduce the dependency of Indian economy on cash.

Digital Cashless Economy Debit/Credit card - Now we will go to the main part of the essay this is the first paragraph of the main part. In this paragraph we will come to know what is cashless economy.  let's start this paragraph. cashless economy is a state in which all or most of the financial transaction are done using digital means such as internet banking mobile banking UPI or plastic money such as credit cards debit cards.

Digital Economy Physical Currency - In such an economy that circulation of physical currency in nation is minimal. Now this is the second paragraph of main part in this paragraph. We will come to know the benefits of cashless economy and its usage where it is beneficial for us.

There is a big role of Digital cashless economy in the development of a country. We can make our nation get rid of corruption and fake notes with the help of this scheme.  Since cashless transactions are traceable there is no possibility of a tax theft,  in this system India can get more taxpayers.

Now  this is the third paragraph of the main part, in this paragraph we will come to know what are problems about cashless economy in India. what problems are to be faced in applying cashless economy in India?

There are many challenges before the government in applying cashless economy, the lack of internet to all and low internet illiteracy our digital literacy , drawback risk of hacking the transactions are also there cyber security is very poor in India.

Now this is the conclusion of the essay and the conclusion is, most of the people have started moving towards a Digital Economic payments today in India. A large number of businesses even if street vendors are now accepting cashless payments but this is a long way to go in current scenario.
our country is not completely ready for this kind of change but there should be a start if we can, we should start and make this country go towards Digital cashless economy.  This was the complete essay on cashless economy.  if you liked this blog please drop your comment  with review and share it  with your friends or Digital Economic social media.

Thank you very much.
Satish Kumar Mehrolia
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