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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Linkedin ads information

Welcome back to the course in this module, you will learn Linkedin ads information

How to use Linkedin ads information to generate leads?

Linkedin ads information
Linkedin ads information

Before we start let's take a look at the simple breakdown of what you'll be learning Linkedin ads information in this module are the following:-

1 you will learn about the basics of Linkedin ads.

2. what it is and why you should us Linkedin ads.

 3. I will also explain to you the two types of most commonly used linking ads which are the sponsored content ads.

 4. How to create and use your own LinkedIn ads, for your business to generate leads.

So let's get started what is a LinkedIn ad infromation?  The LinkedIn and is a self-service advertising platform where advertisers can deliver highly relevant and targeted messages to its audiences.

 LinkedIn ads can be very useful to gain high converting leads and help expand your business. These two main reasons you should use LinkedIn ads for your business LinkedIn provides great targeting options.

This includes the ability to target its audiences by their job title employer role skills and interests. LinkedIn profiles contain more details and up-to-date professional information. What people list on their personal profiles on other social platforms this platform allows you to set up additional accounts.

Whereby you can control the total advertising cost by setting a campaign start and also end date this way you can estimate and plan your maximum daily budget. You have the choice to spend as little or as much as you'd like it, all depends on the allocated budget that you set in addition.

The linkedin ads self-service advertising platform has a similar concept to those offered by . for example it allows you to design different types of ad create logical groupings defined bids for specific campaigns and measure performance with metrics such as impressions clicks and conversions.

 LinkedIn self-service platform offers two distinct ad types sponsored content ads and text ads. While the two ad formats have some key distinctions they're both similar in that they offer a complete bid and budget, control precise targeting and content that can drive significant sales and lead for your business.

Differences between the two are where they are displayed and how you create them so what's the difference between these two ads sponsored content ads are commonly used for content that you can sponsor so that it appears in the newsfeed of your target audience.

 it's similar to newsfeed updates on Facebook sponsored content and has the flexibility of boosting your content across all devices it gets your message out on desktop tablet and mobile.

Its advertising mechanism works by attracting new followers to your company or showcase page to reach just the right audience with precise targeting options on the other hand text ads appear around.

The typical web pages that people see while being on LinkedIn they're similar text advertisement banners. What you would spot on your Facebook page, YouTube or any other common websites text ads are extremely widely used they can start generating leads within minutes. It is simple to use as you only need to add a compelling headline description and a 50 by the 50-pixel image.
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You get to set your advertisement budget according to your preference and you can measure your ads performance. Campaign manager so how do you create your Linkedin ads in this step-by-step tutorial. 

I will be guiding you on setting up a sponsored update campaign on LinkedIn to create a sponsored content ad. you'll need an account linked to your Linkedin company page or showcase page to create a sponsored update. 

If you haven't already created an account you can threat by setting up a business account through LinkedIn campaign manager. Once you've created a business account head over to ad slash accounts to access LinkedIn campaign manager. You'll then be landed on this page where LinkedIn greets you welcome to campaign manager

Here you can choose to either use sponsored updates and text ads in this tutorial.  We'll be going with sponsored updates so select the first option then you will be required to create an ad account for the campaign to create an ad account you will need to set up a company or showcase page. You can easily create it within your LinkedIn account or buy it only takes a couple of minutes to fill in the required information. 

You're done then add in some basic account information for your new campaign. Your company name, your account name and select your preferred currency so now you'll be customizing your campaign. whereby you need to enter a name for your campaign as well as the desired language, then it's time for you to move on to the content selection and creation for your campaign. 

Linkedin ads will offer a list of available contents where you can browse choose and determine. What content you'd like to Linkedin ads sponsor campaign manager enables you the choice to either sponsor exist, updates or create a new sponsored update. If you already have an existing update of your own that you'd like to boost. Select the corresponding checkbox, click Next and then if you'd prefer to start from scratch to select create new sponsored content, follow the instructions moving on you'll be prompted to customize the target audience OR  location of your preference 

You need to determine whom you want your content to reach LinkedIn campaign manager enables. You to choose from a number of targeting criteria such as location, job title, company name member, age etc. Then lastly you have to set a budget and duration for your campaign you're allowed to select one of two different big types CPC. 

Which stands for pay when someone clicks on your ad or CPM. Which stands for pay when someone sees your ad and from there the campaign manager will suggest a bid and daily budget. You can also customize the start date of the campaign as you like and you're done simply click and launch your campaign. After launching a sponsored update campaign you can track its progress in the campaign manager homepage, under the sponsored updates view here's a sample of how the dashboard looks,, you can track performance metrics turn Linkedin ads campaigns on and off adjust bids and make changes to the targeting criteria.

You can also track the success of each update and test different formats until you found the one that best suits your business. Well this is the end of the linkedin ads training course.

Thank you for following the modules and I wish you all the best in bringing your business to the next level. dont forget share thiis article or review.

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