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Thursday, 14 March 2019

10 Things will learn fluent English

10 Things will learn fluent English

 10 Things will learn fluent English

10 Things will learn fluent English

In today's era it is necessary to learn fluent English for success. It is an International language and there are no two opinions that people who speak English get more opportunities. So if you also want to learn fluent English, then these tips can be useful to you ...

1. Start reading English Newspaper instead of Hindi newspaper.
2. Listen to English songs in place of Hindi songs. 

3. Check out the English program / movies.

4. In your room, English posters, English books, Cds. 

5. Do not try to speak correct English from day one. This will discourage your morale. You will be entangled in whether you are right or wrong. 
6. Do not think that you are grammatically correct or not say a month or two that comes in your mouth.

7. Slowly reduce your hesitation while learn fluent English.

8. Create a diary, in which the newspaper reads, which words do not understand, write it. Then use it. Use it in your sentence. 
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9. Put a habit of reading and speaking. When the words reach the ears, they will be remembered and it will also correct your pronunciation. 

10. Talk to yourself. For this, you can take help of Mirror. In particular, if you have to prepare for an interview, practice it once in front of the mirror.

English to Hinglish

aaj ke daur mein saphalata ke lie angrejee seekhana jarooree hai. ye antararaashtreey bhaasha hai aur isamen koee do raay nahin ki angrejee jaanane vaale logon ko mauke bhee jyaada milate hain. i‍salie agar aap bhee pharraatedaar angrejee seekhana chaahate hain, to ye tips aapake kaam aa sakate hain...

1. hindee akhabaar kee jagah ainglish naiwspapair padhana shuroo kar den.

2. hindee gaanon kee jagah angrejee gaane sunen.

3. ainglish program / moviais dekhen.

4. apane kamare mein ainglish postairs, ainglish books, chds .aadi rakhen.

5. pahale din se hee chorraicht ainglish bolane kee koshish na karen. isase aapaka manobal gir jaega. aap isee mein ulajhe rah jaenge ki aap sahee bol rahe hain ya galat.

6. ek-do maheene jo munh mein aae bolen, ye na sochen ki aap grammatichally chorraicht hain ya nahin.

7. angrejee bolane ke dauraan dheere-dheere apanee jhijhak khatm karen.

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8. ek diary banaen, jisame naiwspapair padhatevakt, jo words nahin samajh aate, use likhen. phir usaka istemaal karen. apane saintainchai mein usaka usai karen.

iim kolakaata mein 100 plesament, neeti aayog ne bhee dee naukaree

9. bol kar padhane kee aadat daalen. shabd jab kaanon tak pahunchege to yaad rahenge aur isase aapaka pronunchiation bhee theek hoga.

10. khud se baat karen. isake lie aap mirror kee madad le sakate hain. khaasataur se yadi aapako intairviaiw kee taiyaaree karanee hai to sheeshe ke saamane ek-do baar prachtichai karen.

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