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Thursday, 4 October 2018

5 things soon begin to speak in English

Everyday these 5 things soon speak in English

5 things soon begin to speak in English
5 things soon begin to speak in English

If you have difficulty speaking English and because of this you have to face any problem, then there is no need to panic anymore. Speaking English is not a big deal and you can simplify this difficult task by doing a little bit of yourself.  

Today we are suggesting 5 things speak English tips, so that you will start speaking English in a few days. It will take some time for you to take these tips, but you will learn to speak English easily.

Stay in an English environment - often we avoid going there, where people speak English or talk less than those who speak English well. Therefore, it is most important for you to stay in the atmosphere to learn English. You will always speak English in English and you will gradually start speaking English like others and you will also get the opportunity to improve your mistake.Sure, this work will soon learn 

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English Read in English - It is important to read something to learn and also do the same for English. So start reading the daily English paper and read the English website on internet and more. This will improve your grammar and you will speak English the correct.

English Practice - sometimes it happens that you write English, but you can not speak. Therefore, practice it continuously and for this you can overcome your hesitation by speaking English in front of the glass. By doing so you will have a Confidence Development within you. Which is most essential for speaking English.

Do not translate and think in English - it is also important to think in English for you to catch English. It sounds strange to you, but it will be very beneficial for you. By doing this, you will not interrupt while speaking English. Often people are talking about this when learning English. 

Make use of the Internet a lot - in this age of the Internet you can use it to learn something. You can also use it to learn many basic things related to speaking and writing English. There are hundreds of videos on the Internet that tell you about the basic and advanced stage of English.

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English to Hinglish

Agar aapako bhee angrejee bolane mein dikkat hotee hai aur isakee vajah se aapako koee dikkat ka saamana karana pad raha hai, to ab ghabaraane kee koee jarurat nahin hai. Angrejee bolana koee badee baat nahin hai aur aap khud thodee see mehanat karake is mushkil kaam ko aasaan kar sakate hain. aaj ham kuchh aise tips bata rahe hain, jisase ki aap kuchh din mein angrejee bolane lagenge. aapako in tips ke jarie thoda vakt lagega, lekin aap aasaanee se angrejee bolana seekh jaenge...
Angrejee ke maahaul mein rahen- aksar ham vahaan jaane se bachate hain, jahaan log angrejee bol rahe ho ya un logon se kam baat karate hain jo ki angrejee achchhee bol lete hain. isalie aapako angrejee seekhane ke lie maahaul mein rahana sabase jyaada jarooree hai. aap hamesha angrejee mein baat karenge to aap dheere-dheere doosaron kee tarah hee inglish bolana shuroo karenge aur aapako apanee galatee sudhaarane ke mauka bhee milega.

jaroor karen ye kaam, jald seekh jaenge pharraatedaar angrejee
English  mein padhen- kuchh bhee seekhane ke lie padhana jarooree hai aur angrejee ke lie bhee aisa hee karana hoga. isalie har roj angrejee ka akhabaar padhana shuroo kar den aur intaranet aadi par bhee angrejee kee vebasait jyaada padhen. isase aapakee graamar theek hogee aur aap sahee angrejee bolenge.
English Prektis karen- kaee baar aisa hota hai ki aap angrejee likh to lete hain, lekin aap bol nahin paate hain. isalie isakee lagaataar prektis karen aur isake lie aap sheeshe ke saamane angrejee bolakar apanee jhijhak door kar sakate hain. aisa karane se aapake andar ek konphidens devalap hoga. jo angrejee bolane ke lie sabase jarooree hai.

agar aap rojaana kar dete hain agrejee mein ye galatiyaan, seekhen sahee tareeka

Traansalet na karen aur
English mein sochen- inglish par pakad ke lie aapaka inglish mein sochana bhee jarooree hai. yah sunane me aapako ajeeb jaroor lage lekin yah aapake lie kaaphee phaayademand hoga. aisa karane se aap inglish bolate samay beech-beech mein rukenge nahin. aksar log inglish seekhate samay is baat ko ingnor karate hain.

internet ka karen bharapoor istemaal- intaranet ke is daur mein aap kuchh seekhane ke lie isaka kabhee bhee istemaal kar sakate hain. aap inglish bolane aur likhane se judee kaee besik cheejen jaanane ke lie bhee isaka istemaal kar sakate hain. intaranet par aise sainkadon veediyo hain jo aapako
English kee besik aur edavaans stej ke baare mein bataate hain.

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