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Monday, 14 January 2019

Headache may be due to serious illnesses

A headache may be due to serious illnesses

A headache may be due to serious illnesses
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Timely identification can be avoided by severe illnessesNegligence is sure to die

The problem of a headache in today's busy life has become very common. Such people will be very few who take the problem of a headache seriously. Generally, people take medicine by themselves. But do you know that repeated headaches are frequent signs that you may have some other serious diseases? So let's know about it-

A headache gives signals

HOD and Senior Consultant Dr. Neurology Department of Saroj Super Specialty Hospital Jaideep Bansal says that repeated headaches indicate many kinds of signs. If serious attention is given on time, man can easily escape from many other serious diseases. Especially, due to a headache in one part of the head or a special part, there may be other diseases, and if the disease is detected and treated, then the problem of a headache itself is eliminated.

Eye problem

If a person is suffering from a severe headache, sensual headdie or eye pain, or if any person is prevalent in vision, then that person may have eye-related disease like glaucoma. In addition, people who have eyeglasses, have a headache problem, even if their number changes or arthritis has problems.

Sinensis may occur
If someone experiences pain in the forehead, eyes or cheeks along with headaches, then this can be due to signage. It is common for a headache to be complicated in such a problem. In addition, some infections also sometimes cause headaches.

Keep Women Focus
Women often have a severe headache or frequent but headache problems in routine order, which they ignore. Dr. Bansal says that headaches can occur in women due to various reasons. For example, if a woman is consuming concrete pills or hormonal pills or if a woman has delivery or absence, and she is suffering from a headache, she may have cortical Venus thrombosis. This is a condition where blood clots begin to form in the cerebral vein. This vein mainly works to restore blood from the brain. This type of a headache should not be ignored at all. If it is not diagnosed early, then a tour with a headache, a person may go into a coma or even a person's death. On the other hand, there may be cerebral venous thrombosis or cerebral venous thrombosis if it is a matter of men, although they are less likely to have this problem. Cervical Venus thrombosis is the main cause of dehydration and lack of various types of proteins in men.

If there is no Libyan hypertension

Although some people may not complain of blood pressure, if the blood pressure is too much, then the person experiences a strong headache. It is commonly known as Libil hypertension. Therefore, if the person has a frequent headache, then continue monitoring the blood pressure in between and then and if the blood pressure is high then the doctor can be taken to the advice of the doctor. Identification of Libel hypertension is not easy because once it comes back after a lot of blood pressure is increased. Thus monitoring of blood pressure is the only way to identify it. Typically, the main cause of Libel hypertension is stress and anxiety and in addition to medicines, smoking can be avoided by limiting smoking, caffeine, salt and alcohol intake.

If yes, diabetes

If a person already has diabetes and it is constantly getting the problem of a headache and mother is indicated, then it is indicative that the level of sugar in his blood has increased. Therefore, such a person should have to check blood sugar after having a headcase.

Sign of brain tumor
You may not know, but frequent and fast headache is a major symptom of brain tumor. The morning headache indicates a bruin tumor. Indeed, the continuous increase of intrarennial pressure; IICPD increases the amount of pressure on the brain, and this leads to excessive fluid that causes swelling in the brain or a lump that can cause brain tumor. Due to having a bruen tumor, dizziness with headache and blurred in front of the eyes also appears.

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