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Sunday, 27 January 2019

how to make a girl fall in love with

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If the daughter tells about your crush or boyfriend, this advice is necessary.

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When a girl falls in love with a boyUnderstand the feelings of a daughterUnderstanding Mother and Daughter

When children grow up, they do not know, seeing their childhood when they reach the threshold of youth, it is like a dream for the parents too. At this age of age, from their hormones, their thinking and emotions also change. This is the threshold when neither they are children nor can they be called adult. In such a situation, the challenge of caring for them also increases. Especially, when your daughter tells you that she is starting to love a boy, then this thing will not be normal at all for you. In this situation, perhaps you feel that the daughter is getting bigger.

What will you do in this?

 Perhaps you are angry and instead of scolding the feelings of the daughter, scold him and tell him to punish for such an act, but you should not do anything like that. If you face the situation in such a situation then you should work wisely. Here we are telling you some tips that will help you understand your children.

Try to understand

The truth is that if he comes confidently to talk to you, then it means that he trusts you. You have made a good relationship with your child. Now, try to understand her and listen carefully to her. This is a big thing for him, so you need to deal with him in a way that he feels you are trying to understand.

Take care of her movements

His first love could be a simple and harmless crush or only a temptation. Your daughter definitely cannot tell the difference now so you pay attention to the symptoms. How does he behave when asked a question about his boy, is anything serious looking? Once you understand that in the case of your daughter, it will be easy for you to handle this new emotion.

Help daughter

Do not ignore his feelings. You know it is wise that she can have such hypnosis repeatedly. Tell him that it is a natural feeling and explain to him that he is getting emotionally large.

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Set boundaries

Regardless of the age of your child, it is never too late to talk about boundaries and boundaries. Nowadays children of 7-8 years become hypnotized to anyone. Tell your child that crushing on someone is a common thing, but depending on his age, it may or may not be harmful. So explain to them what is the limit of such cases.

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Heart broke to do

Often the first crush or hypnosis is a heartbreaking one. It is your responsibility to take care of your child's broken heart and feelings. Give them solace and explain that crush is not love and it is a feeling to feel for some time. It will take some time for your child to feel good, but after some days he will feel better.

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