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Monday, 4 March 2019

Border racket feared - India V/s Pakistan Terrorist attack or war News 2019

India V/s Pakistan Terrorist attack or war News 2019

India V/s Pakistan Terrorist attack or war News 2019

There was a strong explosion across the border at twelve o'clock in the morning near the Shamki village of Jodhana on the Indo-Pak International Border. There was smoke in about 3 kilometers in Pakistan. Border Security Force posted on the border informed the officials after watching this from the watch tower.

After this, the security agencies were active. However, later it was also revealed that the blast occurred due to a Croce of Pakistan's reconnaissance aircraft UAV (Unbound Air Vehicle). The sound of the blast was heard quite inside the Indian border, which is like the blast of explosives.

According to defense sources, at 11.45 am, there was an explosion of an explosion in the reconnaissance aircraft in the Fort Abbas region of Pakistan. Which is estimated to fall below 3-4 five kilometers behind the Pakistani border.

However, in the Pakistan media reports, the reconnaissance aircraft have been claimed to have been killed by the Indian Air Strike. But the Indian Air Force has not officially confirmed it.
Border racket feared

Border racket feared
Pakistan's reconnaissance plane is being said to be in the Pakistani border, but the Indian border violates the air border.

Which later dropped into the Pakistani border with the explosion. After this, officials of the Pakistani Army have also been seen by the vehicles reaching the debris of this reconnaissance aircraft.

Significantly, after the Air strikes of Indian Air Force in response to the Pulwama attack, Pakistan sent a drone to Kutch in Gujarat. On 25th February, the Indian jawan killed the drone while trying to sabotage Pakistan's attempt at the Kutch border of Gujarat. The debris of the drone is shown near Nanghatad village of Abdasa taluka of Kutch.

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