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Sunday, 3 March 2019

Self greedy notification mind vs credit card

Self greedy notification mind vs credit card

Avoid using the full amount available in the credit card. This gives your credit score.
There will be no negative impact on Great money spent on a credit card. In a financially difficult way. 

Are considered.

In such a situation, you may have difficulty in taking a loan. In such a situation, it would be better if you keep two or three cards instead of keeping a card so that you can not spend the full limit of a card at the time of the expense.

Minimize Experiments

If you have two or more credit cards, you can use them
Can avoid more interest.
Values Take it if you have 50-50
Credit limit of thousand rupees
There are two credit cards and if you spend 30 thousand rupees per month, then your credit utilization ratio will be 30 percent. If you turn a card off and continue to spend 30 thousand rupees on each other, then your credit utilization margin will increase to 60 percent.

Your credit score deteriorates with higher credit utilization ratios. This will help you to get a loan in the future. It would be better to spend a little money with two or three cards instead of spending a single card with a big buck.

Do not tell card details.

Tell the card decrescence.
Many times people call the person who claims to be a credit card company. But your card details like - Card number, PIN, or CVV number. Do not do this or else you may have to repent.
You should also be alert when handing your card to a petrol pump or elsewhere. Before inserting a PIN in the POS machine (the machine in which the password is swapped by the card), see how many amounts are being demanded.

Greedy Reward Points

Card companies lure the reward points to spend as much as possible, but more in their affair.Avoid spending. Also, Points

Do not wait long to redeem.

The value of reward points also decreases along with time like money. Keep using rewards points every year or two. If your credit card company permits, then it can also be used for bill payment.

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