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Tuesday, 5 March 2019

govt job vacancy-fake job offer letter - Govt Jobs Scam - The Army Appointment letters - Delhi India 2019

fake job offer letter - Govt Jobs Scam - The Army Appointment letters  - Delhi India 2019

fake job offer letter - Govt Jobs Scam - The Army Appointment letters  - Delhi India 2019

Tension after the terror attack on Pulwama

Taking advantage of the atmosphere of the two people cheating on the name of recruitment has been arrested by the police. 
24 years Prabhat Raj of himself is a lieutenant colonel And 23-year-old Nandan Singh himself the driver of the army used to tell. Prabhat army wearer like weird dress Like an army
Used a stick car.

The victims of the thugs in the name of the army Appointment letters were sent to these two Crores of rupees were frozen by 50 people. A dozen people who have been hunted by them now
Have come up to. These people are Paharganj Staying at a hotel in Fraud Were executing.

The story of their police climbing is also interesting. In the wake of the Pulwama attack, Lt Colonel used to tell himself among the high alert in Delhi that Prabhat Raj used to wear military uniforms.
Pani at the Paharganj hotels of the police looked. The policemen saw that two people the hotel at the army uniform every day
came out and returned in the morning. 
This but the police suspect that somewhere Terrorists are not so. Police after this Secretly monitored their the reality came out.

New Delhi: Pulwama attack gum and India furiously on air on Pakistan Attacked and Delhi was on high alert. The police's eyes were on every side. Especially At Paharganj hotels. Meanwhile, 28
On the night of February, the beat of the Nabi Karim police station
Staff learned from Local Intelligence that two in a hotel in Akkadian Road Suspicious boys are standing. They every night
At 12 o'clock in the Army uniform and Come back at 6 in the morning. after this Director of Recruitment in the Army

The matter came out Nabi Karim police team came into action
SHO Ram Niwas, SI Mahesh, Head constable Rajendra, Manoj, and Ram Narayan Attempted to change the entrance Both boys
There was a possibility of terrorism. Police straight hotel on Friday instead of taking into custody Routine access for checking.

 Surveillance for two policemen in plain clothes making hotel staff and leaving them there. every activity is monitored.

 When are you out Are do order? What are you eating?

Who is coming to meet? Accused belt Suspected on Police on Saturday morningFirst, one of the accused called the police station and interrogated. The other was called separately. The statements of both found contradictions. Police investigated the mobile, then an accused Prabhat said that the battery is over.

The police charged the mobile and Carried out Prabhat is also being questioned. In mobile, there was a transfer of money by circulating in an account with an e-wallet. Appearance letter of the army appeared in the gallery. These emails were eaten on the dates. It was now clear that these people were not terrorists, but the suspicion of the Firijchadrari was confirmed. The call came three minutes after the mobile phone was taken. In the interrogation, the accused said in the regional accent, "Hey brother, you have given us death." The police were listening to the ear, and after that, the whole vessel of Army recruitment broke out. In the nearby bar, fun was used for fun.

The police asked the caller how much money he had given. It was told that 2.34 lakhs He also told that many boys of Phi village have been similarly beaten. On Sundays, the rest of the victims from Bihar also came from the flight. They reached the Nabi Karim police station. In one-by-one inquiries, it was revealed that Prabhat always used to wear uniforms of Army in the village. There was talk of all the people in the village. He used to tell himself in the Delhi Army Headquarter. He also used to trust people to join the army. Meanwhile, after the Pulwama attack, he started collecting money from people in the name of recruitment. There was a small demand of 10 thousand rupees. After that, the money was taken in the name of different things.

Prabhat Raj always got people in the Gopinath market. The friend had a car. His driver was in Nandan in uniform. He used to salute Prabhat Raj in the army-style. He told people to collect money from people and send it on 7 March Crowe training but stopped the phone. For about 20 days they were staying at the hotel. Previously there were other hotels.

Dressed uniform from Delhi Cantt Hug

In the Army, the Nepali liptinite colonel and his driver were arrested for arresting the driver. A car carrying a sticker has also been recovered. Complaints of a dozen people of Bihar have come out. About 50 people had been cheated in the name of the army recruitment. The accused had issued appointment letters to the army, Uniforms were purchased from the cant area.

 According to police officials, the arrested accused were identified as Prabhat Raj, 24, Jai Nibali of Bihar and Nandan Singh, 23, a resident of Nawada. Complainant Santosh Kumar also belongs to the accused's village. Police said that the younger brother Shatrughan was to be admitted to the army. Prabhat said that direct recruitment is going on. 

People in the village knew Prabhat as LepitNet Colonel. Call me and tell that the one-seat is left. I give ya Prabhat gave the account number. In which 50 thousand rupees to transfer, transfer the amount. 

On February 16, Croatia sent a copy of appointment letter. 12500 / - of 12,000 medical paper. On February 18, it was said that on Feb. 25, the Delhi CAT reached for medical examination. He came here and asked 1.75 lakh as a fee. Pouring the phone stopped its phone. Doubled about the disclosure of the case on suspicion

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