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Thursday, 4 June 2020

Which Mode of Education Will You Choose -Traditional or Online Education

Which Mode of Education Will You Choose -Traditional or Online Distance Education

Which Mode of Education Will You Choose -Traditional or Online Education

The education system changes over time and development in educational technology. Now we have different methods of education, i.e. traditional education, distance education and online courses. All have their own importance and all will help us to provide education equally and get better employment opportunities. The traditional mode of education is still the most popular and the most inflammatory among all. Distance education is not very popular as it does not provide the best means of education for the students and there is also a lack of provision of knowledge. However, online courses are becoming more and more popular with each passing day and are less expensive and in some cases, even free.

Which is better online education or traditional education

Neglecting distance education for this post only, we can compare traditional and offline modes of education. A student enrolled in an offline mode of education can receive education ranging from short courses to degree programs, while a traditional method of education will certainly provide every type of education to every class of student. There are offline universities, colleges and other institutions offering online courses and then regulation institutions providing education for traditional and offline students. Education option is up to the student. The student can get education by any means and it all depends on the availability of the student.

Case for traditional mode of education

Traditional education is the oldest and most common way of acquiring education and it is also the way of studying for young students. We can see the pros and cons of this method of education to know it better:

Benefit - online classes vs traditional classes research

One-to-one interaction between teacher and student. It is easy to reach things to the people sitting in front of them and it is also easier for students to understand better.

The most common method of imparting education.
You can choose from the number of options.
The best of all means students, teachers, parents and government too.
Education with other facilities such as cafeteria, library, sports and other recreational activities.

Disadvantages of Education

Education is fragrance, especially in institutions where standards, quality and order of education are at a high level. Students may have to travel long distances to reach their educational institutions and sometimes have to travel to other places to achieve good standards of education. This also increases its expenditure.

  • Not very suitable for students doing jobs.
  • Not much is flexible in terms of study time.

Type of an offline mode of education

Not very new, but it is new compared to traditional education mode. It also has its own pros and cons and these should be taken into consideration before choosing an online course:

advantages of traditional learning

  • Generally cheaper than the traditional education system, because the cost is at least at the lowest level. 

  • A good but less effective way of interaction between a teacher and a student.
  • The option to get education from any offline distance education institution, no matter how far it is. This will reduce travel costs and other expenses.
  • Employment is more suitable for people in employment.
  • A vast option for offline distance education courses is available for students, who are receiving education through offline mode.
  • In the study hour.

Disadvantages of traditional learning education or distance education

Disadvantages of traditional learning education or distance education

  • Students are unable to get the facility of any recreational and sports activities a traditional student can achieve.
  • Since this mode requires an internet connection and a computer system, and these are to be affected by some natural or unnatural cause, their learning can be severely affected.
  • Not better for everyone and not very effective than traditional methods of education.
  • Although there are huge offline services available, there is a limit on this. You are a practising surgeon or a Dr. through getting education by this mode. 

Can not be made.
This is only a short review of traditional education and Distance education modes of the education system, many comparisons can be made and then concluded in choosing the best education system. Each of these systems has its benefits and drawbacks and that too has different desires for every type of education seeker.

Education is what we need to develop, to be successful and to be good citizens. But education is not available to everyone, nor can everyone find time to pursue higher education, no matter how eager they may be, because there are many obstacles. Get easy and comfort while acquiring education through offline courses, as they are cheap, sturdy and have a huge area for everyone.

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