1,000+ “do-follow’ CommentLuv - education blog commenting sites list - ToP NewS

1,000+ “do-follow’ CommentLuv - education blog commenting sites list

We have below do-follow backlinks powered by blogengine net blog + post a comment

Techniques of Identifying Blogs for Commenting :

You just need to type below lines in Google with your current need and than see the result.

Keyword + site:wordpress.com

Keyword + site:blogspot.com

Keyword + site:typepad.com

Keyword + site:edublogs.org

Keyword + site:livejournal.com

Keyword + intext:”powered by wordpress”

Keyword + intext:”powered by typepad”

inurl: blog”keyword” comment query

site:.com inurl:blog + “post a comment” + keyword

site:.com inurl:blog + “post a comment” + commentluv enabled

“Add comment” Your Keywords

“Post comment” Your Keywords

“Write comment” Your Keywords

Your Keywords “leave a comment” / “leave comment”

Your Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments?”+”Submit the word you see below:”

Keywords “Remember my personal information” + “Notify me of follow-up comments?”

Keywords “Notify me of follow-up comments”

Keywords “This site uses KeywordLuv”

Keywords “Enable CommentLuv”

Keywords “You can use these tags”

Keywords “Powered by BlogEngine.NET”

Keywords “Allowed HTML tags:”

Keywords “top commenter”

“Keyword” “Powered By Blogger”

“Keyword” “Powered By WordPress”

“Keyword” “Powered By Typepad”

“Keyword” “Powered By Drupal”

“Keyword” “Powered By Blogengine”

“Keyword” “Powered By Movabletype”

1,000+ “do-follow’ CommentLuv blogs:


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